Our company

  • Muebles Salcedo is the brand by which, since 1924, we are known as manufacturers of home furniture. Since then, we have been adapting to the changes in the Spanish market, and since 2013 to the European markets.
  • We apply a management model based on teamwork , which provides competitiveness, flexibility, quality, speed of service, and transparency in management.
  • We are also indirect suppliers of facilities and contract, contributing our competitiveness in projects and renovations of hotels, residences, offices ...
  • The more than 3,000 distribution points in Europe allow us to access the customer and contribute our know-how, achieving compliance with delivery times and maximum satisfaction.
  • We intend to expand our commercial horizon to markets where our product is competitive. Our design and product development department investigates, creates and adapts our designs to the needs and different styles of customers.
  • We are in Viana ( Navarra ), in an area of 70,000 m2, where the located the 30,000 m2 production plant. There It is where our furniture is designed and manufactured.

Our values



100 years of economic, social and innovation changes overwhelm us as a consolidated business project.


We offer quality in products and service, being one of our highest priorities when designing and creating new products.


Our key element in the permanent generation of new ideas. We put our knowledge and experiences at your fingertips.

Continuous learning

We are always at the forefront of our sector, looking for smarter ways of working and optimizing our resources.


We attend to all the demands of our clients, always offering our greatest effectiveness and efficiency.

Customer orientation

Salcedo's main strategy is to satisfy our clients based on some key values, among which are design, quality, service, and trust.


Sustainability and respect for the environment as an unbreakable dogma in the production process. Our main raw material, board and melamine, is produced from wood waste, recycled paper and resins.

Social commitment

At Salcedo we are committed to the environment in which we carry out our activity creating wealth and employment and collaborating with culture, sports and developing solidarity actions through NGOs.