Maintain your furniture

  • The Salcedo brand furniture is modern furniture that combines design and quality finishes.
  • They are made of wood particle board covered with a decorative sheet impregnated with melamine resins. What gives them a totally closed surface, free of pores, hard, waterproof and resistant to both heat and wear.
  • The base material of the furniture is the result of recycling of wood waste in other manufacturing processes (sawing, sanding, etc.). It turns out to be a very respectful product with the environment.
  • Our furniture is designed for use indoors where it resists humidity and temperature changes well; they are ideal for daily use.
  • For its maintenance, all we need is a soft cloth moistened in soapy water or some type of disinfectant or alcohol . Once we have passed the damp cloth, we will have to pass another absorbent and soft dry cloth to eliminate possible water marks.
  • For bright shades, we recommend that the disinfectant is not particularly aggressive and does not contain solvents as it could remove the shine ; We recommend wiping with a dry cloth, made of poly silk or shiny fabric, from time to time, so that the resins are as good as new.
  • It is alcohol-based glass cleaners or anti-grease products (eg hand dishwashers) that offer great results , they do not scratch or make the furniture lose shine or color.
  • Steam cleaners should not be used.
  • Avoid spilling water on the furniture surfaces , as it can deteriorate the tabletop and cause it to swell, as well as damaging the surface. (Beware of flowerpots and vases).